Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hey, Lady Wisdom! - Checking Back In

I received an email response to my post "Let's Chat About Checking Out", asking how I came back from checking out of the finances.

I thought, "Wow!  What a great question.  I totally forgot to address that."  :-)  Thank you, friend, for always reading and asking questions.  Thank you, for keeping me accountable.

Well, the simple answer is Jesus.  :-)  The more detailed answer begins with this: "The wisdom of God produces progression." - Pastor David Blunt reminded me of this during one of his sermons at Church on the Rock -St. Louis.

God's wisdom is given to us in pieces.  Bit by bit he feeds us, teaches us.  It is like learning to read.  Letter by letter, sound by sound.  Once you have developed the knowledge base, acquired the components, you can begin learning to read.

God knows that imparting His infinite wisdom upon us is entirely too much.  Even giving us all wisdom for a particular series of situations is too much.  So, bit by bit He prepares us.  He gives us experiences and wisdom.  Practice.  Game day performances.  Each time we grow, we progress with His wisdom.  His guidance.  His strength.

This is how I came back.  God's wisdom reached out and brought me back.  Click!  Like a light switch flipping on, I started to see the err of my ways.  

"Lady Wisdom goes out in the street and shouts.  
At the town center she makes her speech.  
In the middle of the traffic she takes her stand.  
At the busiest corner she calls out:  
'Simpletons!  How long will you wallow in ignorance?
Cynics!  How long will you feed your cynicism?
Idiots!  How long will you refuse to learn?
About face!  I can revise your life.
-Proverbs 1:20-23 (MSG)

Part I: 

1) A few months back, my aunt called me out.  She challenged me.  "31 Chapters in 31 Days - Reading through the book of Proverbs".  I accepted the challenge.  God's challenge to receive wisdom.  As I read through Proverbs I was fascinated.  I had read parts of Proverbs before, but never the entire book, and never with my current perspective.  My heart was challenged in many ways.  As I read the scriptures on being slave to the lender, being responsible for debts, and weakness due to lack of self control, I heard a still small voice whisper: "Jocelynn, you know this is your fault, right?  You need to make it right."

     "Wait?  What?!  My fault.  How are our family debts my fault?"

     "You are not listening, Jocelynn.  The lack of progress is your fault.  You and Jonathon are one.  He may be the head of the household, but you are his help meet.  You are to come together to consider the matters of the household.  You have not joined your husband in this way for far too long."


     "Oh, is right.  You two talk about doing the right things.  You have the knowledge, but not the wisdom.  God is not going to bless this knowledge.  He will not bless your intentions until they are matched with wisdom."

This was a tough revelation for me.  I can't lie, I had to meditate on it for a few days.  Didn't pick up the Bible for a few days.  Say what you will, but that was my process.

I thought back over the experiences of the last few months.  There were growth opportunities that we had been seeking.  None of them panned out.  There was always a logical explanation.  The decision was fair.  What I know about my God and His favor...it ain't fair.  I knew that He wanted more from us, for us.  I could feel it, but I didn't understand why it wasn't happening.  My answer:  Our financial household was not in order.  We were not operating in wisdom.  We were not being good stewards with God's money.

I talked to Jonathon a little bit about what was being revealed to me.  I asked him if he would work with me.  If he would read Dave Ramsey's, Total Money Makeover with me.  He said yes and the journey began. 

2) A month or so after this, some good friends came to visit.  As usual, we had wonderful conversation.  One evening, my friend asked me a tough question.  "Jocelynn, how are your finances, really?"  I answered the question honestly.  I felt like we had been making progress, but definitely had a long way to go.

She said it was difficult to come to me with this question, but she was so strongly led by the Holy Spirit that she could not decline.  Thank God for her obedience.  After our very honest conversation, she suggested we take Financial Peace University.  Later that week I received a text message from her with a list of classes being offered near our house.  Haha!  That's accountability for you.

Financial Peace University changed our marriage!  Plain and simple.  It made a very challenging subject much easier to discuss.  It gave us the tools, the language, and the support we needed to really make a change.

***STOP***  This is why it is so important to have accountability partners who are praying and being led by the Holy Spirit.  So many break throughs.  The enemy would have you believe you are alone in this fight.  You are not!  If you do not have an accountability/prayer partner, ask God to bring someone into your life.  Iron sharpens Iron!  ***

Now, we all know that possessing knowledge and acting on it are two different things.  I could have realized and refused to act.  But God!  My heart and mind were ready.  I had people praying for me.  I had accountability.  I had a husband who only wants God's best for our marriage and our family.  I had faith.

So, how has it been since I stopped checking out?  Well, that's a post for another day.  :-)  Have faith, my friends.  Be blessed.

Always Striving,


Monday, February 23, 2015

Mommy Moments: It's A Bug!

As I sit at the table, participating in a Webinar for work, I hear a sudden screech.  I look up to find Jace and Kobi crouched down on the kitchen floor.  They are very attentively watching something.

Jace: "Mommy, it's a bug in here!"

Me: "Ok, Jace.  Give me a second."  I walk over to the kitchen where Jace is pointing to some teeny tiny bug.

Jace: "Look, Kobi.  It's an ANT!"  Kobi watches as her brother talks to her about this bug.  Squealing with delight.

Me: "Ok, you two.  First, it's not an ant.  Not sure what it is."

Jace: "Oh, ok.  Kobi it's not the ant!"  I chuckle and go over to grab a paper towel. "KOBI!!  No, it's not eating time!"  I look over to see Kobi trying to grasp this little bug in her pincers.  "No, Kobi! No."  Jace knows from experience that anything Kobi picks up is headed to her mouth.

I am about to pass out laughing as I swoop in to grab the bug with a paper towel.  Kobi sits up looking confused.  Then smiles.  No harm, no foul.  LOL

Always Amused,


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Negative Numbers Make Me Nervous (Budgeting)

Negative numbers don't excite me either.  I get a little bit of anxiety every time we sit down to do the budget.  But....Here's my question to you: Which makes the most sense?

Scenario A)  The household sits down and creates a budget.  After all expenses, including bills, food, fun, etc. are included, the household realizes there will be lack at the end of the month.  You decide to adjust some figures based on your priorities.  For example, The household has been invited to three birthday dinners.  Together, it is decide that it is more important to participate in two friend's birthday dinners than to eat out for lunch every day.  The household will pack lunch this month allowing a $50 spending limit INCLUDING tips for each dinner.  At the end of the month the main household account is in the green with money in savings.

Scenario B)  The household does not create a budget.  The household has a general idea of how much money is earned this month and about how much is going out.  Three friends have invited the household to birthday dinners.  The household does not know if there is enough money to pay for the dinners or how much is appropriate to spend at each dinner.  At the end of the month the household receives three overdraft notices.  Each time the account overdrafts, a $35.00 fee is assessed.  The account is now overdrawn by at least $105.00.  Was it worth it?

Which scenario makes the most sense?  Believe me, I've been in both places.  Although I hate telling people no, hate seeing that I can't do or have everything I think I want, I feel much better when I don't get an overdraft charge from the bank.


WAIT WAIT WAIT!  Someone in the back just said, "I'd just use my credit card.  Duh?!"

Well, yes.  That would be a solution if you are trying to keep yourself in debt.  See me, I'm not trying to owe anyone anything.  I love my friends, but I do NOT like the death grip of debt.  If I can't pay for the dinner celebration now and be done with it, then I can't afford to go.  I am not related to Daddy Warbucks and I will not pretend to be.  I do not have enough money to be everywhere all the time.  I do not have enough money to be everything to everyone.  Check your priorities and check your finances.

Hear my heart.  More importantly, hear God's heart.  What are His desires for you?  He very clearly states in Proverbs 22:7 -

"The rich rule over the poor, 
Trapped by debt.
and the borrower is slave to the lender."

Freedom.  God wants you to be free to live.  He has made you to fulfill a purpose.  How much more stressful is it to focus on your purpose when bill collectors are calling you?  How much more difficult is it for you to focus on your purpose when you don't have money to invest in yourself, your dreams?  
How many of you are working jobs you don't really enjoy because it pays well?  Every month you bring in 2, 3, $4,000 or more.  Maybe $400 is left for you to eat, get gas, buy clothes, and generally enjoy life.  Why?

Think about your dreams.  Your passions.  How can you serve God and His people more fully, more freely if you were not in debt?

Always Striving,


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let's Chat About Checking Out (Budgeting)

Previously, I shared how five years ago I checked out regarding financial matters.  Although my husband is good with numbers and is pretty smart with money, let me tell you why my checking out was dangerous.

"She will do him good and not evil all of her days." - Proverbs 31:12

I placed undue stress on Jonathon.  He is my husband, not my Daddy.  My checking out forced him into a disciplinarian type role when it came to allocating funds.  When I didn't get what I wanted I would pout, argue, and generally run my mouth.  Jonathon was left with two choices: Tell me no and hear my mouth or tell me yes and have to readjust and rearrange money to keep our bank account balanced.  There were plenty of times when he told me no, but as day leads on to day, attitude leads on to more attitude.  The "no" became "yes" more often, and the juggling game became more fierce for Jonathon.  I know some of you are thinking, "Whatever!  I would have told her no and that would be that."  Well, maybe, but Jonathon is human.  He is my husband and he wanted to make me happy.  I mean, my habits weren't bankrupting us.  Besides, telling me "no" could mean a week long stand off.  (I'm almost embarrassed admitting to my silliness.  Jesus!)  Needless to say this back and forth caused tension.

We are supposed to be a team in all matters.  Naturally, each person has strengths.  In general, you defer to or submit to the person who excels in a particular area, but you do not completely fold.  You work as a team through the decision making process.

In regard to the finances, Jonathon is better with numbers and can work a spreadsheet, but I am naturally more organized and can multi-task.  Combining our superpowers at a budgeting meeting is like magic.  I keep our bills paid on time and remember all of the little things that need to be included as the budget changes month to month.  Jonathon calculates all kinds of numbers in his head, puts formulas into the spreadsheet so we are working smarter, not harder, and generally sees the bigger picture while keeping me calm as the numbers fluctuate.      

Additionally, what if, God forbid, something was to happen to Jonathon?  I would have no idea what was what or where to look for it.  Yes, my name is on every account, but I had no clue what we were paying to whom, when, or why.  Not good.  When you are dealing with a tragedy, whether an accident or a death, the last thing you need is confusion in your finances.  Your house needs to be in order.

Always Striving,


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Farewell For Now

It's hitting me.  Really hitting me.  Right now.  As I sit in my daughter's empty room, tears begin to stream down my face.  I don't know why I try not to cry.  I am happy and sad and thrilled and pained all at once.  I am awed and aching.

We are moving.

As I trolled Instagram one day I saw this quote by Heather Lindsey:

Jonathon and I have been praying about a number of things from financial peace to growth in our marriage, strength and patience as parents.  Most importantly we pray for God's will to be done in our lives.  We pray that our passions will be in line with HIS word and HIS will.  We pray that He will bless us so that we can be a blessing.  We pray that He will trust us to do His work.

Well, as I said, "We are moving."  LOL  I am over the moon about the opportunities before us.  What does God have on the agenda.  How is He going to strengthen us, sow into us, and where will He send us?

I am saddened however, because wowza wowza wowza has God blessed us in this place.  I came out here kicking and screaming.  Cried most of the first month we were here.  Now I'm so sad to leave.  God blessed our marriage.  With no family or friends we had to lean on each other.  We had to grow or let go.  God has blessed us relationally.  We have the BEST friends, who I now consider family.  Seriously.  THE BEST!  God has blessed us financially.  We were led to Financial Peace University.  We have learned to communicate about money.  We are on a budget.  We're not rich...YET.  Ha Ha!  I'm claiming it!  Why?  Not only do I want to be a blessing with my time and energy, I want to be a blessing financially.  If I'm worried about paying the light bill, it's hard to focus on blessing someone with God's money.

So, when I read this quote by Christine Caine today:

It was the soft prodding I needed to focus on the future.  God moves us through many seasons.  My time here is done.  God planted some seeds while we have been here.  The seeds took root and have the crops are ready to be harvested.  It's time for a new season.  New seeds.

I know that true friendships will last a lifetime.  True lessons will continue to be cultivated.  And my one true heavenly Father will always remain... faithfully committed to seeking me as I seek Him, preparing me for my purpose, and inspiring me to love as He loves, give as He gives.

I do not know all facets of my purpose, but I do know that I am called to share.  I am called to pray.

I will go as far as God leads me.  I must.  We must.

Always Striving,


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Refuge & My Fortress

This morning I was all prepared to publish my second post on budgeting.  Before I published however, I checked my email.  Bam!  I was hit with another email describing the attack of the enemy on a family.  I wept and cried out to God.  Lately I have received a lot of prayer requests.  Families under attack - marriages, children, finances.

First, let me say that when I receive a prayer request I pray.  I pray and intercede.  Prayer is a serious weapon used to defeat the enemy, bring comfort and joy to the heart, and invite peace into the chaos.

When I attended Redeeming Love Family Church in Fayetteville, NC I learned how to pray with power and authority.  I learned how to pray the Word of God.  Power!  In order to pray God's Word, you have to know God's Word.  It has to be etched on your heart.  Pastor McKinney taught on this often.  In addition, during every service at Redeeming Love Family Church we decreed and declared Psalm 91.  Not one verse, the whole chapter.  I will admit that I was intimidated when I realized I was to commit the entire chapter to memory.  Then I thought of all the songs I have committed to memory.  Surely, I could commit one chapter of God's Word to memory.  And so I did.  I felt a change in my prayers.  I felt like they were a true weapon of war.

I'm not saying that every prayer has to be long and filled with scripture.  Sometimes you just don't have words.  Sometimes, "Jesus, help!" is all you can manage.  There is nothing wrong with that, but at some point you need to mature beyond "Now I lay me" and "God is great, God is good".  You need to pray God's Word.  You need to pray intentionally.

Lately, I have been heavy in prayer and praise.  I would love for you to join me in decreeing and declaring Psalm 91.  (Take a peek at Psalm 92 as well.  Great stuff!)

I have also been listening to the following songs:

Oceans - Hillsong UNITED
Moving Forward - Israel Houghton
Hallelujah - CeCe Winans
Waging War  - CeCe Winans
Victory - Tye Tribbett

Join me in prayer and praise.  Let's keep the enemy under our feet!

Always Striving,


P.S.  I'd love to know what scriptures are you currently declaring?
What songs are you meditating on?  :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mommy Moments

Oh, How I love my two sweet children!  :-)  Here are two great moments that I just have to share.


A couple months back Jace comes running into the kitchen saying, "Mommy, I poop!  I poop, Mom!"
"Alright, Jace.  Give me a minute.  I need to finish dinner and then I will change your diaper."
"Mom, I poop!"
"Jace, I realize this.  I can smell you stinking."
"Yes, this is why you need to poop in the potty."
"Okay, Mom.  Poop in the potty."  He starts humming a random tune.  "Mom, I poop!  You change diaper?"
"Yes, ok."  We walk upstairs to get a new diaper and such.  "Hold still Jace.  I can't change your diaper with you jumping up and down."
"Ok, Mom.  Mom, I see?  I see poopy?"
"Really?  It's poop, Jace.  Nothing special."
"Mom, I see?"  He says again.  So, I show him the poop.  "Ooooh!  Cocoa beans?  Cocoa beans, Mom?"
"Ummmm!  No, I don't think those would be considered cocoa beans."  I am dying laughing.
"Ha! Ha!  Mom, it's cocoa beans!"


Displaying 20141023_093119.jpgI just got back from a business trip last night, so this morning I am responding to some emails.  Jace is sitting in his seat eating pancakes and Kobi is playing on the carpet.  I can see them over the top of the computer, but I sort of got in a zone.  Anyway, when I look up, Jace is out of his seat strumming Jonathon's guitar and Kobi is munching on Jace's pancakes that have been placed on the floor.

Hmmmmmnnn...  LOLOLOLOL  All I could do was laugh.  My six month old is eating pancakes.  I said, "Jace, Kobi can't eat pancakes."  He looks up from what he is doing and replies, "Ok, Mom.  Don't worry."

Thank you, Jace.

Always Striving,